My First Day Thread

Exexalien’s PSA in the Saturday night thread prompted me to sign up for my first OT. I looked up notable firsts on July 16 and found that on this day in 1945 the first atomic bomb blast was set off in Alamagordo, NM. I think it was maybe ’79 or early ’80 that a friend of mine took a trip to New Mexico to tour a university. He ended up studying at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, notable to us for the place where Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s brother was a professor. Anyway, my friend visited Alamagordo and even though it was against the rules he scooped up a handful of sand that had been turned into glass by the explosion and stuffed it into his pocket. He gave me a piece of that stuff, it was a very weird shade of green and I lost it a long time ago.
Post away and Happy Friday!