Little Apple Night Thread July 15 2021

I stumbled across this music video for a Chinese pop song a few years ago and the song has not left my head since.

Oh, don’t worry – subtitles will absolutely not help you understand it better.

In addition to being an incredibly catchy song, it has one of the most insane and genuinely hilarious music videos I’ve ever seen, involving some kind of epic mishmash of bible stories, fairy tales, war movies, cosmetic surgery social commentary and a decidedly not-hot man werking the shit out of a very cheap mermaid costume.

I think this came out during the peak of “Gangnam Style” when every music video suddenly had to be wacky as hell to compete for viral video cred, but this video deserves more eyes on it in no small part due to how addictive the song is. I don’t know what the lyrics mean or really anything about the group behind the song, but I hope they did well with it. Huh, ok, I just did some research and apparently this song won an American Music Award for Best International Song in 2014. How about that. Why do the American Music Awards have a category for Best International Song anyway?

My favorite part is when the hot mermaid lady adjusts her boobs at the end. There, that’ll get you watching, won’t it?

Have a great evening and I think I watched this about seven times while writing this.