Comic Book Battle – Batman vs Spider-Man

I have been recently catching up with Amazing Spider-Man to get ready for the milestone 75th issue in October. I just finished Issue 49 and it got me thinking about a comic book battle – Batman vs. Spider-Man.

There was a crossover between these superheroes wayyyy back when but this time the showdown would be between the Bat-Family and the Spider-Family.

In Issue 49, a new group is established comprised of Ghost-Spider Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales, the new Madame Web, Silk, Spider-Girl, and Spider-Woman called the Order of the Web.

So this battle would be between the Order of the Web and the Bat-Family.

Who would you like to see face off and why?

Although I named a few in the Order of the Web, we could add a few others to the mix like Scarlet Spider and Spider-Ham as well. The sky is the limit!

Which family would be the last one standing?

An image I found but wasn’t able to include because of size was Batman Beyond and Spider-Man 2099.

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