July 12 Night Thread of Stevie Nicks

did i already do a Stevie Nicks thread? i don’t think so, but that seems weird. anyway, the header pic is Nicks at the top (alpha position) and the other main performers (Sharon Celani, Lori Nicks, and Sandy Stewart) on her second solo studio album The Wild Heart

there’s something about the mixture of her style, voice, witchiness, rock n roll-ness, femininity, melodrama, and americana that just speaks directly to my soul (having made an album called Bella Donna doesn’t hurt, neither)

so now her library makes up about half of all music i listen to these days thanks to a very lovely commenter posting about her roughly a year ago (i forgot who again, sorry) because i never really listened to Fleetwood Mac or her solo stuff for the first 31 (32?) years of my life, for whatever reason. but the important thing is i’m obsessed now