The Avocado

Sunday Food Thread Goes to (7)Eleven 7/11

When I saw the date I first thought of microwave burritos. So bad but so good. Then the iconic Slurpee came to mind. What’s the ubiquitous convenience store in your corner of the world and what’s your favorite item there? 7-11’s are still around by me, we also had White Hen Pantry but they were eventually elbowed out of the market. White Hen definitely had superior sandwiches but I guess couldn’t compete with that microwave burrito. I’m sort of familiar with Casey’s General Store but there isn’t one near me so I’ve never experienced their pizza. Wawa is another I’ve only heard of but never seen.

Got a favorite place? Do they have something you just can’t get anywhere else? If you’re familiar with more than one how do you rank them?