Werewolf 157: Rougarou Fest — Signups

Years ago, the town of Avocat, Louisiana, abandoned the old ways and lost the protection of their ancient guardian wolves. Now, having forgotten again, in the way of man, the town has become host to Rougarou Fest, a rollicking good time celebrating all things supernatural. Little do they know, though, that sacred ground is not so easily made ordinary. . . .

[spoiler title=”Roles”] The numbers of each alignment will be determined by the number of players. Roles may be added or adjusted depending on the number of players as well.


South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center Representative (Town Investigator)

Beignet the Nutria Pardoner (Town Healer)

Festival Goers (Vanilla Town)


Rougarous (Wolves) – The Rougarous share a private chat, which they use to talk amongst themselves and scheme against town, day or night. Each night, Rougarous will select one player to kill. As long as there is one unimpeded Rougarou, they may carry out this night action. Rougarous win when all other players are dead, or when the numbers make this inevitable. The Rougarous will have at least one Recruit.

Rougarou Queen Runner-Up (Serial Killer) – Each night, the Rougarou Queen Runner-Up will take out their wrath at coming in second by killing another player. The Runner-Up wins when all other players are eliminated (sole win condition) or if they kill the Rougarou Queen at Night (shared win condition).


Rougarou Queen: This role can be anyone but the Rougarou Queen Runner-Up. If the Runner-Up dies before they do, the Queen will get a one-shot advantage.

Krewe Ga Rous: Each player, regardless of alignment, will be placed on one of four parade crews. Each crew will share a QT and will have a one-shot Night Kill, on a predetermined Night (Night 2, 3, 4, or 5).

  • Rougarou Witches
  • Rougarou Zombies
  • Rougarou Time Warp
  • Giant Puppets[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Rules”]

  • No editing or deleting comments for any reason without the mod’s permission β€“ This includes typos, double posts, posting something you meant for the Open Thread, anything. Choose your words carefully, and consider your spelling, punctuation, and html tags before you hit Post.
  • Do not quote anything said in the private chats (QTs) directly in the Day Thread. You may paraphrase, but copying and pasting or screenshotting a role description, for example, is not allowed.
  • All game-related conversation must stop when Twilight is called.
  • Vote in the official Vote Thread. Votes not posted in the Vote Thread will not be counted, and please keep additional commentary, gifs, etc. out of the Vote Thread itself.
  • A tie at Twilight will result in a randomly chosen death among all players who begin the game. If the RNG falls on a dead player, something strange will happen, up to and including that player being brought back to life with an unknown role/alignment. (So please no spoilers in the Graveyard.)
  • Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind (murderous, but kind). Most importantly, have fun![/spoiler]


  1. LindsayπŸΊπŸŒˆπŸ¦„GayScream
  2. Cop on the Edge-ish
  3. sic humor
  4. Sister Jude
  5. Warrior
  6. Goat
  7. Side Character
  8. Kaddish
  9. copywight
  10. Grumproro
  11. Ralph
  12. Donalbain
  13. Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare
  14. Mrs. Queequeg
  15. emmelemm
  16. Nate the Lesser
  17. Josephus Brown
  19. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer
  20. The Wasp
  21. Marlowe
  22. raven and rose
  23. Louie Blue
  24. Starbuck?
  25. Dicentra
  26. Shinichiki
  27. malthusc
  28. Owen


  1. hoho
  2. MacCrocodile
  3. Narrowstrife