pearl and bobo with hockey hair

The Night Thread Has a Case of Hockey Hair

“Bad news, losers, we won’t be in today because Bobo ate a bad can of Canadian bacon and he came down with hockey hair and now we’ve all got it.

“I’m sure you guys will be fine. I mean, we live with the ape so when he gets hockey hair we all get hockey hair, don’t worry.”

Crow and Servo with hockey hair as Mike looks on

“Oh, for cryin’—it’s an airborne virus!”

“Mike, what’s your deal? How come you don’t have it?”

“Oh, I had it once already from 1982 to 1992. Once you get it once you can’t get it again.”

“Oh no, you guys got it too, huh? Well, the best thing is to just let it run its course.”

brain guy with hockey hair as pearl looks on

“Well, I think it’s great! I’ve never felt so masculine! I feel like Guy Lafleur.”