The Night Thread Is Making Eyes Across The Room (7 July 2021)

It’s finally here! Today is the 45th anniversary of that dinner party at Mel’s house where Arliss made her to-die-for shrimp aspic. I am positively aching for a slice of the quivering gel. Mm Mm mm. No one does it better. Except maybe Rita could, god rest her soul.

And didn’t Diane go home with Cherith’s ex-husband that evening? Really makes you think, doesn’t it.

Of course, I couldn’t confirm it because Dick was off in the library with Bradford debating “anti-catalysts” and “horse futures.” How abstruse!

And where was Claudia? I swear, Vail said she told her she’d be there. I was expecting a little salt, not a cold shoulder of beef, if you know what I mean. Next time I saw the gleam of her silver Cadillac in the parking lot at Jere’s, you better believe I scraped my key up and down the hood.

Maybe that tasted better than the aspic.