Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (7/6)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on the Avocado to discuss film. Come here to discuss all sorts of movies. Old films, new films, new discoveries! Talk about dramas or juggernaut blockbuster films!

This week, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Independence Day, a movie where Will Smith welcomed visitors from far distant worlds to Earth.

With his fists.

The film was sold pure on its spectacle… or more specifically, that one shot where the flying saucer blows up the White House. That shot was everywhere. On the trailers. Movie posters. Probably commemorative plates. It was director Roland Emmerich saying, “Sure you could wait until this hits VHS when you can rent the movie out on Blockbuster… but doesn’t the blowing up of the White House deserve to be seen on the big screen?”

The gambit worked. Independence Day was the highest grossing film of 1996, making almost twice the amount as the second highest grossing film (Twister). This film was huge. It cemented Will Smith as a household name and probably the biggest action star of the 90’s.

This film was also pretty much formulated to make you feel happy at the end. The president’s speech, Smith and Jeff Goldblum giving a metaphorical middle finger to the invading aliens, Randy Quaid’s sacrifice, the montage of everyone around the world celebrating… it just makes you want to cheer at the end. Despite, you know, millions of people dying during the movie. Ah, the 90’s. The Cold War was over and everyone thought they could live forever, you know.

A lot of us are probably still staying away from theaters at the moment. Still, time for nostalgia, especially for the blockbuster heavy 90’s, with today’s prompt: what big summer blockbuster was your favorite experience in theaters?

Next week: real-life jocks