Let’s Talk Arrowverse – I Have to Go Now. My Planet Needs Me.

This past week in the Arrowverse, Batwoman had its season finale, The Flash started a new story arc, and Legends of Tomorrow got back to normal (well, normal for them).

Legends of Tomorrow 6×08: “Stressed Western”

I’m struggling to find much to say about this episode.

Partly that’s because, while I liked it, it was very much a back-to-basics, meat-and-potatoes Legends romp (which, for this show, means riffing on both Tremors and singing cowboy movies). And what’s more, since the episode deliberately pointed out its conventional nature (right down to buddying up Astra and Spooner so their bickering would become friendship), that doesn’t seem to leave a lot for me to talk about.

So I’ll just say this: has anyone else noticed that each season of Legends has exponentially more musical numbers than the season before it? At the rate they’re going, I’m half-surprised they didn’t keep the Cowboy Narrator.

Batwoman 2×18: “Power” (SEASON FINALE)

Well, I was right.

I predicted last week that there wouldn’t be time in this finale to give a satisfying wrapup to all the dangling plotlines. They do an okay job: the episode keeps a relentless pace from the get-go, which at least makes for a decently exciting, action-filled hour. It was a fun watch, I’ll give it that. But the conclusion to a lot of these storylines … there’s just not enough space to give them the emotional oomph that they should have. Especially Kate’s sendoff, after eighteen episodes of “Sorry, your Kate is in another castle”. If this is all the payoff we were gonna get out of it, maybe they should’ve just left Kate missing, instead of jerking her around all season.

Was kind of amused that Black Mask’s plan turned out to be the same plan Sebastian Blood had in Season 2 of Arrow. That’s not a complaint, though; it’s fun to imagine Roman Sionis reading reports about what went down in Starling City that year, and deciding to replicate it, minus the “team up with a superpowered lunatic” part.

Oh, I also have a … not minor quibble … let’s call it a medium quibble:

How the hell does Ryan still have her parole board review!?

Last episode, she was arrested for possession of drugs with intent to sell. Sure, that was a frame up, but the show never actually got around to clearing Ryan’s name. Even if there was a way to prove her innocence without revealing that Black Mask set her up because she’s Batwoman … you’d think, at a bare minimum, the parole board would delay her regularly scheduled appointment while all that got investigated.

But, to close on a positive note: Luke’s dad building him a Mecha-Batsuit based on his childhood drawings? That was sweet as hell.

The Flash 7×15: “Enemy at the Gates”

It was super awkward doing an Iris-might-be-pregnant story without access to Candice Patton, huh?

Also awkward: Barry apparently believing this his dream about his daughter Nora (human daughter Nora, not Speed Force daughter Nora) must be prophetic. I know superspeed has been used to justify Barry having a lot of add on powers, like phasing or time travel, but I don’t think this is part of his powerset.

Not awkward, but still distracting: no one wearing surgical masks as Caitlin cuts open Ultraviolet. C’mon, you filmed this under Covid restrictions! You had the perfect excuse to film a scene with everyone wearing masks to cut down on headache and risk, and you didn’t take it!

Amusing: Star Labs security apparently oscillates between non-existent and impenetrable forcefield surrounding the whole complex, with nothing in between.

Even more amusing: they think that we’ll think that Joe is really dead. Cute.

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite Arrowverse costume?