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Bride of the Re-Animator Day Thread (July 2, 2021)


The Re-Animator trilogy of films (1985’s Re-Animator, 1990’s Bride of Re-Animator, and Beyond Re-Animator from 2003) are a mixed bag of gruesome body-parts, to say the least. The first film does star “Scream Queen” genre favourite Barbara Crampton alongside Jeffery Combs and Bruce Abbott.

Aside from Re-Animator, she is also known for Chopping Mall, From Beyond, Castle Freak and You’re Next. The Bride however, isn’t Crampton’s character Meg – it’s only Meg’s reanimated heart placed inside a stitched-together monster played by Kathleen Kinmont… who shared a topless scene with Crampton in sex comedy Fraternity Vacation – which is probably awful, what 80s sex comedies weren’t?

Anyway, I’m rambling here… enjoy your Friday, Avocado.