AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: The Convergence Manifesto, Part 27

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Today I’m taking a close look at the Cleric of the Order Domain, a subclass that was originally published in the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica and is now also available in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. These clerics serve deities that are concerned with discipline and the rule of law, and believe that strict obedience to the laws governing a society is paramount to that society’s functioning and well-being. On Ravnica, these Clerics are often members of the Azorius Senate, who maintain and enforce the law in the city.

Clerics of Order gain access to a list of Domain Spells that mostly follow the theme of issuing commands and ensuring that those commands are obeyed. Once you reach the requisite level, each of these spells are automatically prepared every day, and don’t count against the number of spells you are able to prepare each day. Your domain spells include Command and Heroism at 1st level, Hold Person and Zone of Truth at 3rd, Mass Healing Word and Slow at 5th, Compulsion and Locate Creature at 7th, and Commune and Dominate Person at 9th level.

Starting at 1st level, you gain proficiency with heavy armor as well your choice of the Intimidation or Persuasion skill. You can also invoke the divine power of law and use your Voice of Authority to drive your allies to attack. Whenever you cast a spell of 1st level or higher that targets an ally, that ally can use their reaction to make one weapon attack against a creature of your choice that is within their range. If the spell targets more than one ally, you choose which of them can make this attack.

At level 2, you can Channel Divinity to issue Order’s Demand. As an action you can force each creature of your choice within 30 feet of you to make a WIS save or become charmed by you until your next turn or until they take any damage. You can also force creatures who fail their saving throw to drop whatever they’re holding immediately.

When you reach 6th level you are the very Embodiment of the Law, making it easier for you to cast spells that compel others to follow your orders. If you cast a spell of the enchantment school of 1st level or higher that has a normal casting time of 1 action, you can change the casting time to 1 bonus action instead. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your WIS modifier, regaining expended uses with a long rest.

At level 8, you can infuse your weapon attacks with magical energy to make Divine Strikes. Once per turn if you hit with a weapon attack, you can deal an extra 1d8 psychic damage to the target. This damage increases to 2d8 when you reach level 14.

Finally, at 17th level, you can call down Order’s Wrath on enemies you designate for destruction. If you hit a creature with your Divine Strike on your turn, you can also curse that creature. The next time one of your allies hits that same creature with an attack, the creature takes an additional 2d8 psychic damage. The curse ends when the target is hit by an ally, or at the start of your next turn.

Players and Characters

Josephus is back as DM to continue his Eberron adventure. The members of the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild in Sharn include:

  • Sly, a Wildhunt Shifter Druid of the Circle of Dreams from the mysterious and exotic continent of Xen’drik (CleverGuy)
  • Cherrazai, a pink Tiefling Rogue, recently bonded with a quori from the Realm of Dreams (Waffle)
  • Uda Haserrea, a Summer Eladrin Paladin hailing from the Fairy Court of Thelanis (Wasp)
  • Petie, an Earth Genasi Ranger, who grew up in mostly Dwarvish community that was unfortunately built too close to a Xoriat manifest zone (Spiny)
  • Scylla, a Half-Elf Genie Patron Warlock, who a found a curious patron in a back alley market near Morgrave University (Hayes)

Special thanks to the TheHayesCode for writing our recap this week!

A Chase and a Chat

For our next stop in the grand Tour de City-Falling-Apart, we headed to Highwall, or in other words – that district where they stuffed all the Cyran refugees. The guards wouldn’t let us in because apparently everyone inside has gone completely bonkers. I politely explained that maybe the fact that there was, I don’t know, SOME EVIL ARTIFACT FROM XORIAT in there might have something to do with it, and could they please let us through? Somehow, that worked, and we were let into the madhouse.

The whole place had been taken over my feuding camps of sports hooligans all trying to capture the “ball,” or artifact. Fortunately, my complete apathy towards sports came to the rescue! No insanity for me, thank you very much! Except – we kind of did have to capture the ball ourselves. But not for sports reasons! For saving-the-world reasons! Much more important.

Some little shifter girl grabbed the artifact and took off into the crowd, so we had to follow her. I thought riding the wind would get me out of the street-level scrum, but I crashed right into a floating chili-pepper cart and nearly got my skin scalded! ‘Luckily,’ someone dumped their waste water out the window and washed most of it off. Meanwhile, Sly, running along in wolf form, got cheered by the crowd of crazies. I guess the blue of his fur matches the team’s colors. Some mammals have all the luck!

Uda caught up to the kid, and bam! Wouldn’t you know, she turned right into some tentacle horror spewing blobs of wormy cilia at us. I turned Cherry invisible to try to deal with it and got a great look at what it looks like when a hairy blob monster squeezes an invisible person in its tentacles (you can see the outline, it’s really kind of cool.) I kept pelting it from above while everyone else dealt with Tentacles McGee and its oozing pinwheels on the street. Did I mention I’m real glad I can fly? So much fewer worms up here.

We recovered the artifact, got the kid re-kidified, and I got the madness coil off the order sphere, although not without the thing blowing up in my face in a blast of magic insanity. Wonderful!

Next up, the artifact from the place of the dead, and wouldn’t you just guess THAT one would be peachy! It was off to the mauseoleum district, where we had to toss five platinum pieces to some lady at the gates for the privilege of seeing a lich who was using the artifact to revitalize himself somehow. All the guy wanted to do was hang out and drink wine, which, relatable, but him regrowing his tastebuds isn’t exactly worth the city blowing up, and I managed to talk him around to seeing it that way. If the world ends, nobody’s gonna be left to make wine for you, right, bony? Somehow, that worked, though he did tell us we BETTER not let the city get destroyed. So, uh, making a note not to let that happen. I don’t want a cheesed-off lich coming after me, y’know?

With all the artifacts recovered, we’re heading back up to the skyway to put an end to this…

Please, city, don’t fall apart in the next hour or so! We’re almost done, I swear!