School’s out for the Friday Politics Thread

Probably. RoRo isn’t school-aged, but it seems like it’s time for school to be over. Unless you’re in the NYC DOE, for which I seem to remember the school year never ends.

So what have we learned over the past week? President Biden didn’t make us look like fools at the G-7, so that was nice. Queen Elizabeth has met 28% of all US Presidents ever, and once Her Majesty’s Time Travel Horse and Carriage is finished, she can get back to work on upping that percentage. Juneteenth is an official federal holiday, which is great but also you can expect 19% off our already high prices starting next year. There may also have been some serious concerns about war and suffering and climate change, but we can leave the sad stuff for the actual posts.

RoRo has moved on from dinner invites to shopping parties. All the Duplo people are moved to the front door, and put in various adult or RoRo shoes, and then she announces that they are going to Wawa. Or Target.

It’s Friday, be on your best behavior, you never know when the CEO of the Avocado might pop in, and you don’t want any of your privileges revoked. No Hog Poggling, No Ben Garrison, No nonsense.

Enjoy your Friday!

Ok, some nonsense is allowed.