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The Wednesday Politics Thread

Today is the day the US-Elected President Joe Biden will be meeting with the very man who had drafted and executed the Oval Office takeover of 2016 and heavily meddled in the 2020 elections: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As it is throughout history when two warring heads-of-state meet for the first time on neutral ground, every move has been negotiated in advance. This is what we know so far:

When you fought and won elections after the usurper in the Oval Office attempted to threaten foreign powers into fabricating lies against you in order to hinder your presidential run, after chaos agents spread Russian-fabricated propaganda where you’re apparently suffering from dementia, wanting to cancel social security, are a serial rapist, and hiding in your basement, how do you meet with the very man who not only attacked you but attacked the very nation you had spent decades serving?

Diplomacy is a tricky game. You don’t foolishly allow your ego to be kowtowed to, you don’t allow a reputed ex-KGB agent to manipulate you, to corner you, or to get away with his attempt to takeover and destroy the very fabric of the country you love. This will be a very exciting meeting.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!