American Dad S18 Ep. 9 “Mused and Abused”

In which Klaus acts as inspiration to Roger

After Roger heckles Klaus at an open mic night, Klaus attempts to bring Roger down by saying that he’s not creative. Roger later reveals that Klaus has been the inspiration for Roger’s artwork. Once Klaus hears this, he agrees to let Roger use him for more inspiration, hoping that it will get him some appreciation from Roger and from others. Naturally, however, Roger’s selfishness drives Klaus away. This makes Roger’s artwork suffer and he spirals. Once Klaus finds him in the dumpster, the two make-up and Klaus invites him to meet his new family. The two reconcile and Klaus allows Roger to use him as a muse again. This results in a new piece of artwork being revealed of a happy contended Klaus which everyone hates. But then we get another reveal with Klaus as the suffering muse.

Meanwhile, Stan, Francine and Haley head to Bazooka Sharks headquarters to destroy it after Stan’s letter on how to fix the Sharks season is summarily ignored. Borrowing a bulldozer (nicknamed “Killdozer”) from Haley’s friend, the three trek across the country to South Dakota. Once they get there, they’re informed the Sharks have won the championship thanks to going “ground and pound” like Stan and Francine wanted. With the goal accomplished but with pent up rage still lingering, the three end up destroying Tuttles house with the Killdozer instead.

Stray Observations

  • Roger’s outfit and some of his artwork is a reference to Pablo Picasso (although not all of it)
  • This is the second episode in a row where the B plot involves three characters in a vehicle out of state. Odd thing
  • Someone mentioned this either in the review or the Day Thread but it does seem like the writers either don’t like Roger’s personas or don’t have a grasp on them as this was another episode that basically came out and said his personas are fake or a crutch to Roger.

Thoughts: this episode did nothing for me. Klaus and Roger would seem like a good pairing but making them the focus of the episode doesn’t work. It worked in a B Plot like when they toured Europe but like the A Plot where they end up having an affair this one doesn’t work all that well. At least it’s less disturbing than that one.