Ad Space – Purplelocks and the Three Mattresses

You are now entering Ad Space, a realm of commercials, brought before us so we might examine how they work, and discuss why we both love and hate them so. So it is written …

The Product:
Purple brand mattresses

The Promotion:

The Pitch:
If Goldilocks hadn’t been mauled to death by bears, she’d tell you to buy a Purple.

This is a four minute long mattress commercial.

And not one that tells a story, either. It’s just a spokesperson talking directly to the audience, telling you why their mattresses are the best, and doing a practical demonstration to prove it. In concept, it’s one of the most basic ads you can make, and should be utter tedium to watch.

And yet … I like this commercial. When it played before a YouTube video, I didn’t click the “Skip Ad” button, even when I saw it was four minutes long, even after I’d already seen it once or twice before. There’s no big hook or creative idea to the commercial, but it rises high based on sheer craftsmanship.

The “raw egg test” is a visually engaging way to show off their mattress. Goldilocks (played by Mallory Everton, of sketch comedy groups Studio C and JK Studios) speaks at a fast, energetic clip, so the ad never feels slow, and is given frequent jokes to keep the viewer engaged. And the direction is always playing around with different shots and angles, quick cuts and slow motion, illustrations and cutaway gags, so that the simple setup never feels dull or constricted.

Normally, here on Ad Space, I try to look at the core idea behind an ad, but here I want to salute one that does remarkably well, based entirely on the strength of its execution. It even got me to visit Purple’s website to look at mattresses. I didn’t buy any (they’re a bit out of my price range), but that’s more than 99% of ads ever manage.