The Bluey Night Thread (5/30/21)

I randomly heard about the kids’ show Bluey (probably here on The Avocado) as an antidote to some of the truly excruciating kids’ shows parents and parents-adjacent have to suffer through. This weekend, looking for something to encourage my nephews (two and four years old) to just settle for a second, we popped it on, and while they quickly returned to their previous activity of running around in circles for no apparent reason, I was captivated.

Bluey follows a family of Australian Cattle Dogs (red and blue heelers), so it’s no surprise I’d be into it, what with my love of heelers and all.

Ripley says, “I too am a hyperactive heeler child!”

From what I’ve seen so far, the show centers around six-year-old blue heeler Bluey and her younger sister, four-year old red heeler Bingo, along with their parents, blue heeler dad Bandit and red heeler mom Chilli. (I actually thought Bandit is a stay-at-home dad while Chilli works, but apparently they’re both working parents.)

Anyway, I only watched (distractedly because of the aforementioned running around in circles) the first four episodes or so (bonus: the episodes are short), and it was charming as heck, centering on very patient parents engaging their kids in imaginative and challenging games and narratives and learning themselves that sometimes the bed doesn’t have to be made quite yet.

So if you’re looking for something to watch with your kids / kid-adjacents, you could do much worse than Bluey.

Have a great night, Avocados!