Day Thread of the time daveshayne thought he could sell T-shirts by being a webcartoonist

It was going to be called Blockhead and it would be the adventures of a Blockhead named Blockhead. I first created the character of Blockhead on a chalkboard in the lunchroom of my place of employment in the mid 90s. I annoyed people with it then and now I will annoy you with it.

As you can see I was experimenting with my tools and didn’t really have any firm idea what I wanted to do. This was abandoned because the wacom I got was too small to do a good job with freehand arting and none of the included software was good for point and click style creation. And I got discouraged because it was harder than I thought and it didn’t come out like I wanted it to. And then I got depressed. And I probably shouldn’t be bringing everybody down about something that is pretty far in the past now.

Anyway have a great Day Thread and Free the Frodis!