Sports Corner Salutes Julius Randle

Last night, Julius Randle won the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award for 2021. He went from being just another underwhelming high draft pick to the heart and soul of a revitalized New York Knicks team. No one saw this coming, except maybe for Julius Randle. Congrats to him and to everyone who helped him find his way here.


  • Congrats also go to Old Man Phil Mickelson, whose victory at the PGA Championship makes him the oldest winner of a major golf tourney.
  • Baseball continues to have pretty much no offense at all, even as we’ve seen six (or is it seven) no hitters already.
  • The NHL playoffs have been alternately really competitive and anything but, with two sweeps and one near-sweep balanced by several close series.
  • The NBA playoffs are just starting. (Remember to visit the NBA playoffs thread!)

As ever, all sports subjects are welcome.