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Avocado Music Club Looks Back

Hey, it was suggested we do a look back on the albums we’ve already done and talked about favorites and stuff like that since we’ve never done it. Favorite albums, surprises, favorite songs, did we stick with any of the bands and all that.

I was hoping to do a bit of a better breakdown of what we’ve done, but, got kind of busy so I only have it for our last round. Last picks we did 36 albums – 15 of them from US artists, 10 from the UK, 7 from Canada, 1 each from Australia, Sweden and Estonia and one album half Ethiopian and Dutch.

1 album from the 70s (1979’s Tusk), 4 from the 80s, 9 from the 90s, 9 from the 00s, 9 from the 10s and hey 2 from 2020 itself!

I used some very basic genres so unsurprisingly “Rock/Alternative/Indie” is the biggest genre we’ve done.

Here’s the tag for the threads, take a look at what we’ve done:

If you haven’t yet made a suggestion for next round please do so! I’m going to close it out tomorrow I think:

Have fun! I’m looking forward to talking about albums and then getting back in to new ones