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Avocado Music Club Round 4 Recommendations

We did it again! We finished the third round of recommendations. Over a hundred weeks of checking out new music. Now it’s time for some more picks.

This thread is going to be to post recommendations for what to listen to for the next round. If you’d like to participate in the discussions, please feel free to make a recommendation! If you’re likely not to hang out for a few of them it’s okay! but please don’t recommend an album.


  1. Please make one suggestion this time
  2. These albums do not have to be ‘important’ or beloved, they can be a personal favorite you’re interested in others’ thoughts on, something you’ve never gotten around to yourself, or honestly just anything.
  3. That said – remember they’re albums you would like us, your friends, to listen to and talk about. So think hard before you recommend something you know is terrible or won’t have much to say about.
  4. Please try and see if the albums are available online in some way – I know streaming sucks and all but it makes it easier if a whole album is available on Spotify, Apple, or Youtube (if Youtube only make a note of it if possible)

Doing one suggestion per this time because I figure we’ll be able to get through it quicker and be able to make new ones, plus it’ll give a chance for anyone who stops by later into the run to get a rec in.

Here’s the music club tag to check for what’s been used already:

Have fun!