Weekly LGBT+ Discussion

Greetings, Avocadoans! Welcome to the weekly discussion of LGBTQQIA+ issues!

Rules for this discussion:

All are welcome! However, please be respectful that this discussion is specifically about issues and topics related to lesbian, gay, bi- or pansexual, trans, queer, questioning, demi- or asexual, intersex, non-binary, genderfluid, or any other sexual or gender minority, so please do not stray off-topic.
Please put anything graphic behind a tag.
As always, any shaming or hateful speech will not be tolerated — if you see some, please flag it ASAP.

The person of the day is Tyler Titus (they/them) who is currently running for office and recently won a primary

In the news

No, New York Times, Pride Organizers Didn’t “Misstep” by Banning Uniformed Cops

Texas’ Near-Total Abortion Ban Will Have a Massive Effect on LGBTQ+ People

Trans Youth Less Likely to Experience Suicidal Ideation When Their Gender Is Affirmed

The project of the day is Torrey Peters’ hit book Detransion, Baby.