Fox Animation Week 25 (Bob’s Burgers/The Simpsons season finales)

Hi guys! Unfortunately, something came up again this week, so I only made my reviews into video format this week. This will also be my last review of the block until September. I don’t think I will review the summer Fox Animation block.

Now after listening to my “reviews”, what did you think about this week’s fun lot of episodes, including the season finales of Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons, and the season 2 premiere of Duncanville? Looking forward to the discussion!

In case you need a refresher, the finales of BB and TS are here, with:

The Simpsons “The Last Barfighter”, Moe gets into trouble after leaking secrets out into the open world.

Bob’s Burgers “Vampire Disco Death Dance”, Bob and Tina go to see an old movie but when Tina invites her friends they ruin the fun, and Linda feeds raccoons.

The third to last episode of Bless the Harts “Toni with an i”, Louise goes into a mid-life crisis while Travis “heals” Wayne after he gets stung by a bee.

And the 1-hour season 2 premiere of Duncanville “Das Banana Boot”, the Harris family go on vacation, where Annie and Jack hang out with another couple, Kimberly gets a makeover, and Duncan stalks Mia’s Instagram, and “Duncan’s New Word”, Duncan says something to his father. PS: It’s not good.