Happy Birthday Andiddy Night Thread

Hi all. Welcome to the Night Thread. I hope you had a nice day thread. I probably wasn’t around for most of it but I’m sure it was full of stimulating conversations about, I dunno, handlebar moustaches and suspension bridges and ham and Mank and all the other things that Day Threads are about. I come to you in celebration of our friend Andiddy, whose birthday is today. It is also my birthday but I am tired of thinking about myself. I looked over the birthday thread that I made for myself last year and you know what? Absolutely none of my birthday wishes came true. The pandemic is not over, I never got a corn dog from the Boardwalk, I did not get a single new Adam Driver movie, Taco Bell did not bring back the taquitos1 and there is still not a surplus of empathy and love in the world despite there being a horrible deadly ongoing society-collapsing pandemic. I’m holding off on the birthday wishes for this year. Ugh, Jesus, I promised I wouldn’t make this about myself. Sorry.

Anyway, if it is your birthday today, I hope you’ve had a great day and I hope your 2021 is better than your 2020. I promised to make this about Andiddy2 because I always make today about me. In celebration of Andiddy’s birthday, I will share several things about Andiddy that I know to be true:3

  1. Andiddy once saved a runaway bus full of nuns that was in the path of a rampaging escaped dinosaur from Isla Nubar while he was building houses for farmers born without hands during spring break in Costa Rica.
  2. Andiddy tried to hire private security to manage the crowds of single women who stand outside his house and throw flowers and marriage proposals written on hundred dollar bills into his yard all day, but he couldn’t find a security guard that didn’t also fall in love with him so he unfortunately has to keep moving to a new home every few months until he is discovered again by his devoted followers.
  3. Andiddy is the inspiration for the character of Samuel L. Jackson.

Have a lovely Night Thread and be nice to each other.