Jeopardy! recap for Wed., May 19

Here are the contestants for day three of the 2021 Tournament of Champions:

  • Ryan Hemmel, a four-time champ, bluffed a poker friend into thinking he didn’t do well on the show;
  • Paul Trifiletti, a five-time champ, influenced basketball’s “the Process”;
  • Jennifer Quail, an eight-time champ, had to find a different way to watch Jeopardy! in the hospital.

Jennifer began to pull away from the competition in the latter part of DJ, but Ryan got some late clues to prevent the runaway. Going into FJ it was Jennifer with $17,900, Ryan at $10,200 and Paul with $5,800.

DD1 – $600 – WATER – In Rowpu, a system that purifies any water source, the “r” stands for “reverse” & the “o” stands for this process (Jennifer won $1,500 from her leading score of $3,800.)

DD2 – $1,600 – NAMES OF WORLD WAR II – In 1942 he combined 2 loves of his life — physics & New Mexico — in endorsing Los Alamos to be home of the Manhattan Project (Ryan won $4,800 on a true DD to take the lead from Jennifer with $5,100.)

DD3 – $1,600 – LITERARY ANTAGONISTS – The blind monk Jorge of Burgos is the antagonist in this novel set in a Benedictine monastery (On the very next clue from the previous DD, Ryan maintained the lead after losing $3,000 from his total of $9,600.)

FJ – MIDDLE EASTERN GEOGRAPHY – Of the 6 countries that border the Red Sea, it’s last alphabetically

Jennifer and Ryan were correct (Paul wrote down the right response but crossed it out). Jennifer added $2,750 to advance with $20,650. Ryan wagered $1,400 to finish at $11,600, currently third in the wild card race. Paul dropped $5,700 to end at $100.

Triple Stumper of the day: No one knew the type of projecting platform from which the Pope delivers blessings, from Italian for “scaffold”, is balcony.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is osmosis? DD2 – Who was Oppenheimer? DD3 – What is “The Name of the Rose”? FJ – What is Yemen? (Paul crossed that out and wrote Saudi Arabia.)