GOP vs. MAGA – The Wednesday Politics Thread

Today is the day the feuding Republican Party will officially decide of its core leading ideology, of its will to retain a semblance of abiding by the Rule of Law, and of its official de facto leadership that would helm it through at least the 2022 midterms and 2024 general elections.

The small-tent party often hailed for always being in lockstep with its leadership, for having very little division because of its longstanding ideology to intentionally limit conflicting beliefs, and for purposely devaluing diversity while centering White Male Grievances as its ruling political identity, is today very much in dissent and disarray.

On one side, you have the Big Lie perpetrators; they are the water carriers for the Conman who, like many demagogues and “anti-establishment” dictators throughout history before him, attempted to overthrow democracy by blaming his election losses on “rigging”, voting “frauds” and “irregularities”, and who then bluntly hustled and even threatened local election officials into committing to a recount that would magically find additional votes for him and would therefore sway the Electoral College tally in his favor. He went so far in his attempts that he mounted a coup with the help of his most hardened white supremacist sycophants; a coup that lead to an attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 – while Congress was certifying the Electoral College vote – and resulted in violence, deaths, and Members of Congress being hunted down with the intent to hold them captive or for some to be publicly lynched.

On the other side are the conservative Republicans repudiating the Big Lie but are still, nonetheless, beholden to outdated views that center whiteness and “traditional” family values, while obtusely refusing to embrace the mildest diversity that would result in meaningful change and expanding Equality to non-whiteness.

I don’t need to lionize Liz Cheney. I purposely choose to not rewrite her family’s history, her own voting record, her bigoted rhetoric, her prejudiced views, and I absolutely refuse to ignore her father’s well-documented crimes and cold, calculating cruelty. It is very clear that Liz Cheney is now positioning herself as the Never Trumper leadership, and her apparent objective is to strategically lead the party away from its extremist grasp and re-center it around its longstanding conservative views with all the standard dog-whistle bigotries, prejudices, and ugly phobias.

Today’s plan to demote Liz Cheney is set to take place during the House Republican morning weekly meeting, and to have Representative Virginia Foxx introduce a resolution to remove Cheney as Conference Chair. The vote will be done by secret ballot, and House Republicans will need at least 110 votes to officially demote her.

Now the point of highlighting today’s Republican effort to remove Liz Cheney from a position of leadership is not to glorify her or to deride the Republican Party’s absurd descent into embracing unhinged conspiracy theories and supporting the Conman’s Big Lie. The point is to convey the very clear and worrisome effect of the Republicans’ strategy on future elections. The Electoral College tally and certification to be precise.

With all their attempts at voter suppression tactics and blunt will to discard the Rule of Law, if the Republican Party flips the House of Representatives in 2022, that new majority will have a say on how the Electoral College vote is certified in Congress; 147 Republicans objected to certify the electoral college declaring Joe Biden the 2020 Presidential Elections winner, what happens if in 2024 they are the clear House majority. What happens if voter suppression is so impactful that at first tally there is no clear Electoral College winner.

Your constitutional laws state that if no presidential candidate officially achieves the necessary 270 or more electoral votes, the House of Representatives will hold a contingent election to elect the President, while the Senate will elect the Vice President.

Do you now get it.