The Night Thread Hunts Zinogre

The 2nd entry in my Night Thread theme of Monster Hunter monster diaries brings us to Zinogre. Zinogre is a longtime staple and fan favorite in the Monster Hunter series, making its first appearance in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd where it was the flagship monster. Zinogre is classified as a fanged wyvern and is a solitary predator with vaguely wolf like characteristics. It is also known as the “Thunder Wolf Wyvern” and the “Lord of Lightning.” Those titles make it quite obvious what Zinogre is known for, its powerful electric and thunder element based attacks. An interesting quirk of Zinogre is that the electricity and thunder element it generates are not truly its own. At first, Zinogre will attack primarily with their vicious fangs, claws, and tail. However Zinogre will actually take the time to summon Thunderbugs in the area to itself, and use their natural electric charge as its own in an interesting display of symbiosis. Zinogre display the ability to build up multiple levels of this charge (affectionately referred to as levels of Super Saiyan by many hunters). This quite literally supercharges Zinogre’s own attacks and makes their fur and spikes stand up as electricity and Thunderbugs surround them.

Zinogre are quite dangerous and have a wide variety of habitats and hunting grounds though typically stick to forested areas. If a hunter must face off with one they should take full advantage of the time between charges to do as much damage as possible. Zinogre have both a subspecies and a deviant form that can both be considered even more deadly. The deviant form is known as Thunderlord Zinogre, possesses green scales rather than blue and has an overgrown horn and even more mastery over thunder element. As a deviant they are quite rare however. More common, though still on the rare side is the subspecies of Zinogre known as the Stygian Zinogre. These Zinogre trade their thunder element for dragon element and their new coloration matches the change. Sygian Zinogre prefer more extreme environments of both raging heat and sub freezing temperatures. They are known as the “Hell Wolf Wyvern” or “The Emperor of Hell” and will routinely rain crimson lightning coursing with dragon energy on anything unlucky enough to come across them.

Hunters are advised to proceed with caution when facing down any Zinogre or its variants. They are agile and aggressive and will make short work of any hunter too sure of themselves.