Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Legends of Tomorrow VI: Search for Sara

It was a jam packed week in the Arrowverse folks, with five, count ‘em, five different shows airing new episodes!

We had Batwoman, where we got our first battle between Ryan Wilder and Kate Kane (though neither knows that’s who they’re fighting). Not sure how I feel about the weird contortion used to keep Kate in the story but also not in the story. But I will say, I did like how that fight scene made use of the environment in a lot of creative ways.

Then we had Black Lightning and … does four episodes from the end of series feel a little late to introduce a new love triangle? I mean, to the extent love triangles are ever a good idea? I was also mixed on Jennifer jumpstarting her powers. On the one hand, we got a great, tear-filled performance out of it, and the blithe attitude she had to electrocuting herself was amusing … but they’d only been without their powers for a day or two, right? That seems a little quick to jump right to possibly killing yourself to get them back.

Next we had The Flash, where we got yet another Arrowverse courtroom scene, and it was every bit as anyone-who’s-seen-an-episode-of-Law-&-Order-knows-this-isn’t-how-things-work as we’ve come to expect. I’ll say this, though: Caitlin’s and Frost’s stories have mostly been nonsense for a while now, but when Danielle Panabaker is given material to work with, she can bring it.

Then there was Supergirl capping off its time travel two-parter and finally getting to the prom it was prom-ising. This wasn’t quite as fun as last week’s romp, since it mostly stuck to the same material introduced then (though Nia bringing her dream cougar to life was awesome). But I liked it as a final season, back-to-the-beginning episode, examining how Kara, Alex, and Cat Grant got to be the people we met way back in the pilot episode.

But all that’s burying the lead a bit, because this week also gave us the season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow!

I’m just… I am so glad this show is back. Even if this premiere was largely focused on setting things up for later (establish the main plot for the season and a bunch of aliens-of-the-week the Legends can hunt down, introduce a new Legend, reveal the shocking truth about another) it was still so much fun. The opening where we got reintroduced to the Legends one-by-one, seeing what they got up to after last season’s save-the-world-blowout … that was exactly what I needed after nearly a year without these lovable dumbbells. Add in cameos by David Bowie and Spartacus, a couple awesome Sara vs. Aliens fights, and a frickin’ proposal … God, I love this silly little show.

Question of the Week: What’s been your favorite Arrowverse marriage proposal?