The Naugles Day Thread

Naugles was my introduction to Mexican fast food, back in 1981, when I was at college at Washington University in St. Louis. Taco Bell was practically unknown then, and the consensus among students was that Naugles was much better. Besides, it was much closer, being only a five-minute drive away beside the Hi-Pointe Theatre, and it was open until late at night (or early morning; I think it closed at 2 A.M.). Going for “Naugles runs” was common, especially while staying up and studying for finals.

Naugles had the Macho Combo burrito, a mix of beans and beef, which was my favorite. They also had bean burritos and red or green sauce cheese burritos. I can taste them now. Of course, they could upset your stomach, but that was a given.

Naugles was absorbed by Del Taco in 1988. I refuse to go into one. I’ve gotten used to Taco Bell’s burritos, but they’re not quite the same as a Macho Combo. Apparently a few new Naugles restaurants opened in 2015 in California, where the chain originated. Someday perhaps I’ll get to eat there again.