Our Plague Year by Nick Burton

Our Plague Year Day Thread (May 5th, 2021)

Today I want to shower with praise and hopefully throw some more eyes upon Our Plague Year, a webcomic created by Nick Burton and hosted online by HOME.

“Let us take you back to 1665. A plague creeps ever towards a rural English village, Eyam, in Derbyshire. Sounds familiar?

An isolated village in lockdown brings out the worst and the best in its people (mostly the worst).

Wise woman Granny Dankworth, speaks a muddled truth but holds no authority within the village hierarchy. Village gossip, George Gribble, blames the fairies for all misfortune. Young Godfrey Berrycloth, confined to a wheelchair, could be best positioned to ride out the inconvenience – his rich interior world within a moment’s reach…

In which characters will you recognise yourself? What similarities exist between their world and ours?”

I’ve been loving this comic and hope you will too! Check it out and subscribe via this link, if you wish:

Nick Burton: Our Plague Year Webcomic

Have a super day and take care, y’all!