Marbula One Season 2: GP12 – Final Race

With the final race comes the final chance to grab a podium. Not the top podium, as the Crazy Cats Eyes have already secured that, but the second and third place are well within reach for a few remaining teams. The final race is at the Midnight Bay, hosted by the Midnight Wisps, who did not manage to qualify. Cerulean took Pole Position, with Clutter and Razzy in second and third position.

The first half of the initial lap maintains this order, until the long straightaway, where Minty Fresh launches up to 2nd. This is short-lived as the penultimate turn introduces a lot of jockeying, revealing a surprise Snowy in 4th from 11th, and allowing Razzy and Clutter to take 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The second lap maintains this order, save for Rapidly shooting up 8 places to 4th. In the third lap, Razzy overtakes Cerulean for first, and maintains it up through the first half of lap 5. Cerulean looks to have an opportunity, but an unfortunate collision with Razzy nearly brings Cerulean to a stop. Minty Fresh takes advantage to take second, followed by Clutter. Cerulean sees an opening and takes back 2nd on the final stretch of lap 5. Minty Fresh and Cerulean compete for 2nd for the next couple laps until the end of lap 8 where Rapidly charges in and takes 3rd, then 2nd out of the lift. Rapidly takes 1st from Razzy on lap 10 with a very impressive juke. Cerulean performs a similar juke to take 2nd on lap 11.

On lap 12, Mimo makes an appearance, pushing past Razzy and Cerulean, but Rapidly has stretched the lead to more than 2 seconds. It’s a close race between Razzy, Cerulean, and Mimo. At the end of lap 14, Cerulean manages to get Rapidly in sight, but will it be enough? Rapidly says no. The race finishes with Rapidly in first, Cerulean in 2nd, Razzy in 3rd and Mimo in 4th.

This win earns the Savage Speeders the silver medal for Marbula One Season 2. The Green Ducks manage enough to keep 3rd, but the Hazers, who had 2nd, fall 2 places, losing them the podium. The Crazy Cats Eyes won their championship by 61 points in the end, with 3 more golds than the next highest team and two more fastest laps than the next highest number. This season was an amazing show by many teams, but the CCE really showed themselves to be a force to be reckoned with.


  • Yellow Eye took this race a bit too lightly, losing 2nd place in the individual standings to Speedy. Red Eye’s 1st place was left untouched, however
  • Rapidly shot up 17 places in the individual standings to 14th.
  • The Jungle Jumpers unfortunately did not gain any points, leaving them at 9 points for the season.
  • I didn’t find Roldo but I’m also not very good at that.

Congrats to the top 3 winners this season: The Crazy Cats Eyes, the Savage Speeders, and the Green Ducks! Good racers, all.