Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Wazzuuuup!

Wow! Now that was a fun episode of Supergirl!

Aside from the action packed season premiere/pseudo-finale, this season has been in a bummer mode so far. That’s to be expected, with Kara stranded in giant-sized Azkaban and her friends facing a “worldwide pandemic” of Phantoms without her. Still, it hasn’t been playing to this show’s strengths.

But sending Nia and Brainy into the past? Teaming them up with chibi Kara and chibi Alex? Have them try to evade an improbably young Cat Grant (who, I now notice, shares more than a few mannerisms and personality traits with Alice)? And pit them against a couple of hammy alien zookeepers looking to put our heroes in an exhibit?

I don’t think we’ve had a Supergirl ep this unabashedly delightful since the 100th episode … which was only eleven episodes ago, but also fourteen months ago. Thanks, Covid.

I’ve been saying for a while now that, after Supergirl ends, I’d love it if Nia moved over to Legends of Tomorrow, and I know I haven’t been alone in that sentiment. So it’s hard not to read this ep as her and Brainy doing a Legends audition tape, proving they too can be hilarious while dressing in period outfits and messing up the timeline.

And speaking of Legends, its sixth season will be premiering tonight, and I am so pumped! Especially since this week they released an extended trailer for Season 6. I look forward to these every year; they always cram so much craziness into a few minutes, and each year they somehow go even wilder than they did before. Like, I remember getting unbelievably excited when the Season 2 sizzle trailer dropped, just from seeing dinosaurs, samurai, Nazis with A-bombs, and a Thawne/Dahrk teamup. That looks almost tame compared to this:

Oh, there was also an episode of Black Lightning this week. Don’t have much to say about it except … Anissa has bullettime superspeed now? Is that something that I missed from the last couple seasons?

Question of the Week: If you could send one character on a trip to the past, who would you send, and where/when would you send them?