The Weekly Wrestling Thread Likes Trucks

-By god Jim Ross got his second dose of covid medicine
-For the rest nothing really

-Garbagebag gate leads to the (possible) firing of Mark Carrano, atleast some people got fired who were im HR functions and worked with the talent.
-Dark Wuertz crying about Q stuff on a call in public platform wearing a NXT polo while clearly at the PC, still not fired (on Thursday)
-Daniel Bryan again hinting he want to wrestle for other companies but also want to stick with WWE

-He-said-she said stuff about the ROH dojo keeps ongoing about Joe Mercury and Kelly Klein faking her injuries and Mercury dealing drugs in the locker room while they complain they got outed by ROH for calling in bad medical handling among other things.
-Steve “Mongo” McMichael diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and declining quickly