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Job Rants Thread – 4/30/2021 – Working From Home LX: Coping Mechanisms

Hey all; Healthy Friday –

Last week, I, along with a relieving and increasing number of Americans, got my second shot; and like so many, it proceeded to knock me completely on my ass for the following three days. I mostly rested and mainlined a disturbing amount of orange juice and water; essentially, pushing through a bad, if livable flu. Now, as anyone who has had the flu or something similar can tell you, half the battle is keeping yourself in the right frame of mind to fight it off: Your head hurts, you body temperature fluctuates like a glitchy thermostat, and you’re just dizzy enough to not want to keep your head up for any great length of time.

So, what to do? Well, in addition to all that resting, hydrating and…Resting some more, I cleared my head by watching Folk Tales. I’m hearing the record needle scratch coming from some of you in the back, there, but I’m not even kidding. Yes, in times of strife, both physical and mental, I’ve fund my head cleared by a bunch of delightful, innocent (though occasionally values dissonant) folk tales. And it’s not only been for when I’m sick, either. Stressful days at work, or hell, even just being stuck at home for extended periods of time can also trigger the powerful need to curl up with something calming and familiar. For me, at least, that could be anything from the aforementioned folk tales, to replaying an old Adventure game of my youth, to reading a reprint of classic Tales From the Crypt; even cleaning my apartment has been known to clear my head enough and get me to keep going at times where I wouldn’t be able to normally. In this past year, especially, the ability to do so has been vitally important, and I hope that you have been able to do the same. Why not tell us about it? If not, you can always just go back to the normal ranting; that counts as coping, right?

As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, if out, and a great weekend. And remember: We’re closer now than ever, keep your heads held up and your eyes focused on today.