30 Day SF & Fantasy Challenge Day 30: The Impact On Your Life

As we close out our last day of this challenge, we always like to turn it a bit more personal for this willing to answer. Today, we want to know how either science fiction or fantasy has impacted your life, your career, or your other interests? These books and films and shows can take us into doing things or following things that we might not otherwise and can reshape our lives.

Having been one of the “transformational” generation of kids that saw Star Wars at age seven when it came out, it was a work that put me fully interested in science fiction/space opera in general and that pushed me hard into learning about the 60s space race, invested in the 80s, and pushed me harder into work related to following it. The main impact of so much of it was that it left me being a lot more open to questioning everything, continually re-evaluating things, and always wanting to know more.

Bonus Question: If you could have a “science fiction” career from a film, show, or book, which one would you want?