Kindness Is Still The Unwavering Point – Wednesday Politics Thread

Tonight at 9 p.m. ET, Joe Biden will be giving his first address before the joint session of Congress in order to highlight his administration’s accomplishments in its first 100 days. He will update the nation on the ongoing Covid vaccination; he will tout all the good of his first major legislation, The American Rescue Plan; and he will also push the projected benefits of his proposed second major legislation, The American Jobs Plan.

And for the first time ever in American History, while a white male American President gives his address, two Women will be seated right behind him in the Vice President and House Speaker chairs. Let that sink in.

It’s very clear by now that you can breathe with ease, America. You’re in very good competent hands.

The most notable event ever since the announcement of his address, political journalism and punditry have been desperately trying to push the narrative that Joe Biden is an unexpected surprise. Compared to the last administration, the first 100 days were marked by competence instead of chaos; Presidential tweets are significantly down and the very few put out are informative instead of bloviating, combative, and misinformed bullshit; signed executive orders have however significantly increased, and beyond the first ones President Biden signed in a celebratory manner in order to mark a new, gentler beginning, the rest were signed without panache with the exact intent to efficiently undo all the toxic cruelty of the Conman Years; every one of these executive orders were written with the specific help of competent, knowledgeable civil servants instead of white supremacists; and most importantly, the majority of these executive orders will not be easily defeated in a court of law as they actually espouse and elevate the already established law of the land.

If you were paying honest attention to Joe Biden’s 2020 primary campaign and the subsequent winning Biden-Harris ticket, you would be aware of both Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s campaign promises as well as their governing temperament. That the Biden-Harris Administration has quickly and efficiently tackled every issue they campaigned on would be of no surprise to the knowledgeable and politically well-educated you. You would not have fallen for the MSM-defined Centrism of Joe Biden, or the dissociated-from-reality rhetoric of Conservatism and dementia pushed by the once-profitable business of Outrage Merchantry.

From vaccination to immigration, from job security to expanding access to affordable healthcare, from tackling systemic racism to protecting Women’s Rights, from protecting LGBTQA+ youth to restoring LGBTQA+ Rights, from increasing Federal Minimum Wage to supporting unions, from comprehensive gun-control legislation to uplifting Communities of Color, the Biden-Harris Administration is keeping with its campaign promises and undoing all the harm of past Trickle-down Economics ideology by instead helping the nation from the bottom up.

Every attempt to label the new Biden-Harris administration as a Surprise instead of a Promise has been invented in the last few days; from calling this presidency “Moderate Radicalism” to “Socialist Centrism”, every journalist and political pundit has been desperately trying to not hold themselves accountable for their own past lies and attempts to misinform. When the reality keeps staring you in the face, it is high time to have the courage and admit the key truth when it comes to the new administration:

That the kindness is still the point.

A steady, controlled, yet unwavering leadership. One that ruthlessly admits to this nation’s own particulars of historical violent injustices with the clear objective of owning up to its inescapable systemic failures in order to heal the divide and lift inclusively everyone upwards. And despite white privilege’s fears of being treated the same way it treated everyone else ever since the constitutional birth of this nation, the Biden-Harris administration demonstrates at every turn its intent at treating everyone with warmth, with surprising empathy and equal measure of respect, because kindness remains the leading, governing and unwavering point.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!