Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (4/27)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place own the Avocado to talk about film! Maybe you have a opinion on who should have won Best Picture at the Academy Awards? Maybe just the Best Actor debacle?

Talk about movies you’ve seen recently, whether you’ve felt safe enough to venture into the theaters, and whether you’ve felt the urge to scream the movie’s name at the top of your lungs to the high heavens while techno music plays.

This week is Mortal April as Mortal Kombat drops in theaters and on HBO Max.

Get over here!

Mortal Kombat is of course based on the video game of the same name. Any yet… the game itself has its origins in movies. At various times, the game was meant to be an adaptation of Universal Soldier or Bloodsport. (Jean Claude Van Damme was meant to be the video game’s protagonist… which is rather ironic that he ended up in the Street Fighter movie instead.) There’s also a heck of a whole lot of Enter the Dragon in there… which honestly is par for the course in fighting games.

How many fighting game characters are based on this guy?

There’s also some Big Trouble in Little China influence there. When interviewed, though, creator John Tobias said that the film wasn’t that big of an influence. Instead, he cited Tsui Hark’s Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (itself a major influence on Big Trouble) and King Hu/Tsui Hark’s The Swordsman.

Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain

Hark —- who had wanted to create Asian film in the mold of Western blockbusters and included a team of Western special effects artists —- is hugely influential in Chinese cinema. Take any of their big special effects blockbusters and you can see his fingerprints all over them.

Today’s prompt: what’s your favorite martial arts film? What is your least favorite?

And where does Gymkata rank?

Next week: overshadowed scenes