Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal!

This week’s episodes got me thinking about secret identities. No grand thesis, just a few scattered thoughts.

Obviously, on Batwoman we got Sophie figuring out Ryan’s secret. But I’m more intrigued by her finding out Luke’s secret. Sophie had already suspected Luke was Kate’s Bat-assistant, so learning that he’s guy-in-the-chairing the new Batwoman, too? She must be wondering just how big this Batwoman operation is.

We know that Ryan simply stumbled upon the Batsuit after Kate’s plane crash and decided to take her place. But Sophie must be wondering if Ryan, Kate, and Luke were all part of the Bat Team from the beginning, and, if Ryan was ready to step in for Kate the instant she went missing, how many more potential Batwomen does their organization have just waiting in the wings.

For Supergirl, my secret identity thoughts are that it’s probably past time for J’onn or M’gann to shapeshift into Kara and head down to CatCo, or shapeshift into Supergirl and fly through the skies of the city. Something to keep people from realizing those two have both disappeared. Of course, that would require Melissa Benoist to be on set to film for these episodes, which would defeat the purpose of her Phantom Zone time out.

As for Black Lightning … if this was the first episode you watched, would you even know Jefferson had a secret identity? It’s not just that he didn’t suit up or use his powers this episode, but I’m not sure that him being Black Lightning even came up in conversation. Given he spent the beginning of the season renouncing his superhero identity, and didn’t even show up last episode, this final season of Black Lightning is looking to have surprisingly little Black Lightning in it.

Question of the Week: Which heroes (if any) would you like to see ditch the secret identity and just go public with who they are?