30 Day SF & Fantasy Challenge Day 25: Best Fantasy Expanded World

One of the things I love about novels is that you can get some really expansive things, especially if you’re able to draw in other writers to participate. I cut my teeth in my tweens reading things like Dragonlance and that opened the doors for me to going back and tackling older properties and the like from a range of writers. As both writing and marketing changed from the 80s onward and we saw more “shared” universes of storytelling going on, it became easier to keep readers coming back for more by seeing their favorites at different ages, different situations, and so forth when it came to the fantasy side of things.

So for today, we want to know what your favorite larger shared universe style property is. For myself, I keep going back to the Midekima works from Raymond E. Feist as what draws me back in as I can spend several years away, or even up to a decade, and come back and have a slew of new things to immerse myself in that has me wanting to see more details and connections within it.

Bonus Question: Which of these larger properties have you done your best to avoid getting caught up in?