Let’s Talk Arrowverse – The 600th Episode Spectacular!

We’ve got a milestone celebration, everyone!

If you had together every episode of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman, Superman & Lois, and Constantine, this week’s Flash marks the 600th episode of the Arrowverse! 1

You’d think this would call for something special this week, a real deep look into everything this franchise has done, everything it’s become, and everything it might one day do. Something to properly commemorate such a rare televisual achievement.

But I was busy this week, so you’ll have to settle for me making a bunch of quick nitpicks!

I’ve got some questions about how money works on this show. Like, the lightning guns. Normally I wouldn’t question how bad guys got ahold of fancy ray guns, except they made a point of the gun being ridiculously expensive, worth more than the building it was used to wreck. You do that, I’m gonna start asking why prison CEO baddie is outfitting just any old henchperson with them.
Also … Mary’s still a billionaire, right? I appreciate her philanthropic spirit, but I am wondering if personally running an underground clinic is really the best use of her resources.

The Flash
There was a simple solution to Frost’s legal woes: put Caitlin in a white wig, dress her up in Killer Frost’s Season 3 outfit, and have her and Frost stage a fake fight somewhere in public. Then Frost could claim that she’s not a criminal, she’s just a superhero who has an evil double. Supergirl can testify that that sorta thing happens a lot.

Something very bad is gonna happen with Nyxly. I mean, it has to. Either she’ll die, or turn out to be evil, or get left behind in the Phantom Zone, or (best case scenario) get stripped of her powers. Because there’s no way Kara can escape back to Earth with a fully powered 5th Dimensional imp for a friend. Otherwise, the solution to every problem facing Team Supergirl would be “ask Nyxly to snap her fingers”.

Black Lightning
I can’t do much nitpicking on this backdoor pilot for Painkiller, since the last time I saw Khalil was Season 1, and it looks like he’s been through a lot of a lot since then. So I’ll just say, I was a little confused on the setting of Akashic Valley. Like, are they still in the U.S. or not?

Question of the Week: What’s been your favorite setting-up-the-spinoff story? The full backdoor pilots like “Painkiller” or “Green Arrow and the Canaries”? Batwoman guest starring during Elseworlds? Using Heroes Join Forces to set up Legends of Tomorrow’s least popular characters? Barry Allen showing up in Starling City while the news won’t stop talking about a particle accelerator? Or simply using Crisis on Infinite Earths to give Superman & Lois a blank slate?