30 Day SF & Fantasy Challenge Day 14: That Key Visual

When it comes to a lot of science fiction and fantasy, there are a great number of things that goes into making it a really memorable, enjoyable, or top-of-the-line project that you just bond over it completely. One of those areas is what comes down to being a key visual moment. That image that you can’t shake and becomes defining for it in a really great way, such as that original Star Wars poster or an illustration piece out of a novel that just connects so well.

Today, we want to know (and have you share) that image that just puts you in an incredibly good space when you see it from any or all of the mediums that you partake in, from novels to film to comics and TV. What are those best pitch perfect shots that just inflame the fan within?

Bonus Question: In the same line, what’s a key image from SF/F over the years that you have but gives you the opposite reaction of disliking everything about it?