The Day Thread (4/13) Talks About P’fhiroh T’alk

Today, unless something absolutely cruel has happened, is the launch of patch 5.5 (for the expansion Shadowbringers) for Final Fantasy XIV, a game that you probably have seen me talk about entirely too much here at The Avocado.

The final patch for every expansion cycle in FFXIV, oddly enough, is split into two parts. Today features the first part of the content, with the second half set to debut at the end of May. And once everyone works through that content, then we get to wait for the brand new expansion, Endwalker, which is slated for later this fall. Endwalker will resolve the current narrative that has been building for years upon years, with a brand new storyline set to begin with patch 6.1.

But enough about that – let’s talk about my character in FFXIV. I’m terrible with names, notably fantasy names, so I fought with the game’s name generator and had only one specific guideline: my character’s initials had to be PT. So I simply went with something character race-specific, while also making the last name a nod to a previous username I had on the Internet. And so P’fhiroh T’alk was born! Why am I a catgirl, you ask? No further questions, other than the fact I generally enjoy roleplaying females in video games, there’s simply way too many manly men in video games. So here’s a cute catgirl.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this deeply self-indulgent day thread and if not, my dearest apologies. But please have a good day thread and overall great day regardless!