Battle of the YouTube Stars – Sweet 16

Hello, and welcome back to our YouTube Tournament. Here are some notable results from the last round

Round of 32 Recap

  • Numberphile narrowly won 14-13 over OK Go. Numberphile run as originally the 45th ranked nominee makes it the biggest Cinderella of the Tournament, and a nice representative of Educational YouTube.
  • The Round’s other photo finish came from HowItShouldHaveEnded, an old YouTube staple, just pulling it out 18-17 over Super Bunnyhop
  • In a major tournament upset, Rachel Bloom won 23-21 over Contrapoints. Bloom is an interesting contestant for this tournament as someone who is know well known outside a YouTube context, which might have helped here – but she was originally an internet sensation, so I do think deserves to be here. Contrapoints is one of the biggest stars of BreadTube, but her early loss may be some combination of a tough matchup, some controversy attached to her, and people rooting for an upset.
  • EveryFrameAPainting put up a serious fight againts one of our favorites, ProZD, losing just 21-25. Despite being indefinitely inactive, the channel still has a lot of love clearly.
  • Legal Eagle also narrowly defeated Patrick H Willems, 22-18.
  • Binging with Babish (unable to play Giant Slayer to Lindsay Ellis) and Chef John both went down this round, bringing and end to the Food channels’ run.
  • Special Shoutout to Jelle’s Marble Runs, who had a big enough fandom to challenge Todd in early voting, but he pulled away decisively. They’re a great example of a weird idea for YouTube content that captured a lot of people’s hearts.
  • Also Eliminated and Acknowledged: SarahZ, Bad Lip Reading, Jon Bois, Ask A Mortician, LGR, Bill Wurtz, BeKindRewind, and PushingUpRoses

I’ll be posting the Sweet 16 match-ups below, so once again, please put your votes in for the potential Quarter-Finalists.

As always, you can keep up with the state of the tournament here: