The Animaniacs Game Pack Intro Day Thread

This is my first day thread in years. I don’t know the last time I published one and can’t check, because it was back on our now-gone Disqus channel. So, I’d better make this a good one. What wonders will I bring you? How about a video that makes me happy?

I never owned the Animaniacs Game Pack. Given it requires Windows 95 or Power Macintosh to run, I probably won’t in the future. But one of my favorite parts of Animaniacs (and Tiny Toons, and Pinky and the Brain, and Freakazoid…) is the witty, wordy, and ridiculously catchy theme songs that they weren’t afraid to tweak or rewrite entirely, sometimes for the purpose of a single episode or joke. As it turns out, the Animaniacs Game Pack is part of that tradition. Behold! An all-new, all-different rendition of the theme song, performed by the original cast and full of all the 1990s computer jokes you can handle.

Trust me, it’s worth the minute of your time.

Here’s hoping I didn’t find some brand new way to break the site with this post. Happy Friday, everyone!