Best Key & Peele Sketch Tournament – Semi-Finals

Alright, the results:

Quarter-Finals Results
Match 1:  Continental Breakfast (37) vs. Substitute Teacher (30)
Match 2A Cappella (31) vs. Auction Block (23)
Match 3East/West College Bowl (38) vs. Rap Album Confessions (19)
Match 4Mr. T PSA (32) vs. McCringleberry’s Excessive Celebration (21)

Some sweet stats:

Sketch with lowest of votes to proceed to next round: A Cappella (31) against Auction Block (23)

Sketch with most votes to be eliminated – Susbtitute Teacher (30), against Continental Breakfast (37)

Biggest beatdown – East/West College Bowl (38) beat Rap Album Confessions (19) by 19 votes.

Voting will end 10th April 11PM EDT