Werewolves 149: Friday the 13th Day Six!


Killing the Pastor, while satisfying in the moment, left everyone feeling spiritually empty and emotionally lost. Once again everybody slunk back to their respective cabins knowing sleep would be hard to come by this night.

One Camper was particularly restless and decided a late night snack might help ease his anxiety. The Security Officer put on his red robe over his red pajamas and slid his feet into his red bunny slippers.

“Hey everybody! I’m feeling a bit peckish so I’m going to head over to-“


The Security Officer made his way across the room and as he drew near the door he could feel the floorboards start to give in a menacing manner.

“Hey everybody! I think these floorboards are rotting-“


The Security Officer made his way outside and across the Camp to the Cantina. Holding his lit lantern over his head he was able to see the chunk of pottery laying on the ground that most assuredly would have deeply wounded him if he’d stepped on it.

“Hey everybody! Be careful walking around out here because there are shards of sharp pottery-“


Once inside the Cantina the Security Officer made for the fridge intending to make a sandwich. He set the lit lantern on the counter, heard the front door slam shut and lock, spun around and knocked the lantern to the floor shattering the glass and spewing flames that fed hungrily on the old dry wooden floor, walls, ceiling. Within moments the Cantina was consumed in flames. The Security Officer bolted for the door and, finding it locked, began to pound on the door.

“Hey everybody! The Cantina is on fire and the door is locked and I’m inside and-“



In the morning the Campers gathered around the burnt wreckage of the Cantina and the charred remains of the Security Officer.

“So…..what’s for breakfast?”


Head Counselor: Each Night will pick a Player to investigate. Returns as Camper/ Not a Camper.

Nurse: Each night will choose a Player to heal. Cannot choose themselves nor the same Player on consecutive Nights.

Alice: Each Night will select a Player to attack. If Mrs. Voorhees is selected then the game ends and Town wins. If a non-Mrs. Voorhees player is selected there is no effect. 

Crazy Ralph: Each Night will select a Player to have a QT conversation with, via the Mod (me!), which will consist of three messages apiece. No names will be exchanged.

Jason: If targeted to die, whether through Day Kill or Party Hearty Counselors, Mrs. Voorhees will be activated. Jason won’t go to the Graveyard but instead will join Mrs. Voorhees in a private QT.

Mrs. Voorhees: Player is RNGed along with the rest of the Roles at the beginning of the game. If Jason dies they become an active SK and will join Jason in a private QT. Their kills will begin the following Day and will be RNGed between Day and Night kills. If they target and kill all three Party Hearty Counselors they win and the game ends.

Party Hearty Counselors: Three Counselors who will share a private QT and who, through their inattentiveness, kill a selected Player each Night. One Counselor will be The Lookout and will choose a Player each night to see if they have a Night Action.

Campers: Just there to have a fun Summer! And survive doing it…


1) Goat- Hogweed The Possum

2) jake- Fritzi Over In The Back

3) Louie- Still Alive/ ALICE

4) Cop on the Edge-ish- Ernest/ NURSE

5) Jude- Sex Positive Rifle Instructor/ HEAD COUNSELOR

6) April- Buddy

7) emm- Kitty Witless/ CAMPER

8) Indy- Prof. Indy Newman/ CAMPER

9) Narrowstrife- John Waters

10) Nate- Security Officer Nobody Cares/ CAMPER

11) raven- Annie and Hallie/ CAMPER

12) Ralph- Mariah Goddamn Carey

13) Wasp nee Marlowe- Counselor Prequel Memes/ JASON

14) Side Character- Tulip Olsen/ MRS. VOORHEES

15) Dicentra- Elvira

16) sic- Pastor Jake J-Dawg Jackson/ CAMPER

17) Grumos nee Beelzebot- Rin Shima

18) Lamb- Miko Iino/ CAMPER

19) Video- Eustace Panamax, aka Dr. Fish

20) Lindsay- 10 Year Old Linds

21) Hayes, the Final Person!- Brooklynn/ CAMPER



Required at least three comments per Day or potential Mod Kill.

-No editing of posts without permission.

-No quoting from QTs without permission.

-Ties at Twilight will be RNGed.

-Attack Players, not ideas. Wait, no, the other way around!