Battle of the YouTube Stars – Round of 32

Hello again, and thanks to everyone who participated in First Round and its discussions. I think some people have already gotten some good YouTube recs out of this tournament, which is definetly a nice part of this tournament,

Recapping the second half of Round 1

  • Among the channels featured on Thursday, Defunctland led in total votes, winning the matchup Gaming Historian with 34-6
  • Be Kind Rewind became the lowest seeded Channel (51) to advance to the second round, with a 11-10 photo finish over Rick Beato. Just as close was Super Bunnyhop’s 15-14 win over James Stephanie Stirling.
  • Ask Mortician also only narrowly survived Smooth McGrove 14-12, the same score LGR defeated Super Eyepatch Wolf by.
  • Shout out to other eliminated contestants: Big Joel, videogamedunkey, Summoning Salt, Shaun, Epic Rap Battles, Matt McMuscles, ThoughtSlime, ViHart, RenagadeCut, Dankmus, and Pop Arena.

Dankmus says it’s the Children Who Are Wrong

If you broke our current field of 32 into categories – well, that be hard. I would say there’s about 15 Channels who are Pop-Culture / Political Commentary, which are hard to split because of how many channels overlap in those areas, but I would say it’s roughly evenly divided between those lean more to the social commentary and those who lean more towards the entertainment commentary. There’s a group of about 9 channels that I’d put in a broad Weirdness/Humor category. There’s a few more small groups – a couple pure educational YouTubers, a couple Food Tubers, and a couple of Sports YouTubers – if you’re willing to consider Marble Runs a sport. Then on the fringes you have one Tech YouTuber and one Band (those several other channels who do some type of music).

But how you categories them doesn’t matter, because anyone can be matched with anyone depending on seeding. So please vote for your favorites of the surviving channels below, and maybe check out some of the channels you’re less familiar with. And you can keep up with the whole Tournament with this: