Weekly Games Thread Takes the Gloves Off (But Leaves the Hands)

Welcome to Monday, everyone, and welcome to our latest Weekly Video Games Thread!

For our prompt this week, I’ll be taking a look at a very goofy type of gaming trope: the giant – or normal-sized – floating hands. These are such a distinctly “video game-y” thing, right? There are many reasons this kind of design is used; for just a few, it makes animation easier, is good at looking threatening, allows neat boss fight types, and presumably fulfills some sort of weird Freudian thing. But it’s left us with a decent number of weird monsters, often bosses. Bosses who are quite adept at crushing and brushing, crashing and smashing, and clapping and slapping.

Of course, this odd staple of the Nintendo Corporation is only a part of a larger theme, of separated body parts or features that are outsized – literally, even! Despite the examples on the header, don’t think of this as only a discussion for these types of characters; there are a lot of ways in which games literally reduce their characters for components. And sometimes, that’s for a special purpose, befitting gaming things.

…Or ARE THEY gaming things? Do you think the great threat of the giant floating hand precedes the world of gaming? Does the appearance of giant separated hands or eyes or heads in propaganda or political art prove a connection between two widely distinct media? Are there greater ideas we can take from them?

While I’m stewing on that, what have you been playing this weekend? And SingingBrakeman’s got an interview with Kaizen Game Works, so check that out!