Bless the Harts S2E16: Easter’s 11

No other Fox animated shows tonight, so do not expect a Bob’s Burgers review.

Episode summary (spoilers): When a new, huge neighboring church steals patrons from the local Greenpoint church, the Harts want to see what’s up. Jenny and Betty unfortunately get sucked in the new church’s amenities and fall in love with it. At first look, the pastor of the megachurch seems welcoming and sweet, but he does has ulterior motives.

Meanwhile, Violet and David use Wayne’s naïve nature to help them pull pranks. When Wayne realizes they’re going too far, he them comes up with an elaborate scheme to give them a taste of their own medicine.

My thoughts: Unfortunately, Bless the Harts is coming to a close with its second and final season, as the Fox network has opted not to order anymore episodes of the show due to underperforming in the ratings against the other shows on Fox Sunday nights. However, there are still eight more episodes left, plus this one, that need to be burned off, for a total of thirty-four episodes. Bless the Harts is survived by veterans The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers, all of which have been renewed up to the 2023 season, and newcomers Duncanville, The Great North, and Housebroken. Joining them next season in late-spring 2022, likely summer, is an upcoming show from Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon.

That being said, there’s no need to give up now. There are still more episodes of the show that deserve to be seen as much as the earlier ones this season. While I think this episode is disappointing, it’s certainly not bad. It’s a downfall from much of the second season, which has really improved against the first. Too bad the ratings have gotten worse.

I did like the A-plot and B-plot connecting at the end. The B-plot was pretty simple. Violet and David play around with a creepy Jesus statue story to prank people and Wayne then gives them a taste of their own medicine when he hires his friend to threaten suicide. It was dark, but also pretty genius. I was not expecting that. If you’ve watched a lot of season 2, you know that Violet and David don’t really like other people. It’s nice to know that Wayne straightened them out.

The A-plot was the downer though. One thing I liked about the main is that Jenny and Betty are working together and not at odds with each other. Many of the recent episodes like “The Dogchurian Candidate” and “Trollin’ with the Homies” have them at odds with each other. But it’s not played to its best here. The sleazy pastor is a little predictable, but I think the finish of the heist is just rushed. Having Betty foil the plan because she’s bad with technology wasn’t a good idea. The entire heist idea was good though and well planned. It was one of my favorite parts. Jenny trying to send a signal to Betty through dancing was probably the funniest part. Pastor Joann is really badass with that guitar, I’ll give the episode that. King of the Hill also did an episode in season 10 where the Hill family start attending a megachurch. Seeing this episode reminded me that I need to rewatch that one again.

“Easter’s 11” is an unfortunate misfire for this show, considering its premise sounded really interesting and it’s also a special holiday episode. It’s not bad per say, but it’s rushed, unfocused, and not very funny. Hopefully, this is the worst season 2 has to offer, because I understand not every episode is going to be a hit. Unfortunately, it’s probably the worst episode in the season in my opinion. Still though, sad to see the show get canned at Fox. It’s a lot better than most shows on network television right now.

Overall score: 5.5/10