Cravings Sunday Food Thread 4/4

So yesterday I was out running errands and was hit with a very strong craving for a Chicago style hot dog and fries. I didn’t make a stop as I’m waiting to be fully vaccinated before standing in a line in a confined space. I do know from past experience that I will be stuck with this feeling until I can get that hot dog and then it will go away for at least 6 months. Not (I hope) due to a bad experience but that’s the nature of a strong craving for me. Do you have any cravings that will not be denied? For me it’s only a handful of particular things that I don’t eat very frequently but when I start to get the taste for it that won’t go away until I’ve sated my appetite.

The header image, courtesy of, is from the place around the corner from my doctor’s office. Very convenient that I can load up on the fat and sodium after my checkups!